"This wiki is designed to work on the Way of the Dark Elf project. The campaign this is going to support is featuring Elves of blackish, grayish, brownish, bluish, or purplish skin. "

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Legend of the Golden Discs of Wisdom

Long ago, when the world was young, the elves split over a squabble about who was to gain the best forest land.  War broke out between various elves, and the High Elves were victorious over the other body.  Banishing them to underground, the defeated was made to accept their lot as for being the losers.  Over 5,000 years, the Darklands have changed the elves, transformed their skin from light to dark tones. Now, 5,000 years later, a group of dark elves are coming out of the Darklands and into a pristine virgin wilderness.  Figuring that they were forgiven by their god, the Dark Elves have come up out of the Darklands to colonize the surface world for the very first time.

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